Executive Ministry Team

The National Director and the Executive Ministry Team exist to provide the Chi Alpha Movement with Apostolic, Prophetic, Administrative, and Bureaucratic leadership and direct the National Program.

E. Scott Martin

Senior National Director


The Senior National Director of Chi Alpha is the face and voice of Chi Alpha to the campus, Church, and society at large. More photos of Scott and his full bio are available here.

417-862-2781 ext. 1424

Stefanie Chappell

Field Director


The national Field Director of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries is responsible to outline and execute our organizational implementation strategy.

417-862-2781 ext. 1431

Nathan Cole

Operations Director


The Operations Director stewards the day-to-day fiscal and human resources of the national Chi Alpha Ministry Center, ensuring alignment with our mission and vision.

417-862-2781 ext. 1423

Harvey Herman

Program Director


The Program Director supervises the core ministry teams that encompass the national Chi Alpha Programme, i.e., Training, Personnel, Field, and Cross-Cultural Missions Teams.

417-862-2781 ext. 1427

Severin Lwali

XAi Director


The XAi Director is the ambassador for international student ministry to Chi Alpha staff, students and the church at large.

417-862-2781 ext. 1416

Bob Marks

Missionary Personnel Director


The Personnel Director facilitates the oversight of personnel and services provided to missionaries and staff through pastoral care.

417-862-2781 ext. 1426

Crystal Martin

Cross-Cultural Missions Director


The national Cross-Cultural Missions Director of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries is to lead our organizational strategy in the forming of students and staff as life-long missional witnesses by engaging them to cross boundaries of culture, geography, language, nationality, ethnicity, and race. More photos of Crystal and her full bio are available here.

417-862-2781 ext. 1422

Craig Woodham

Expeditions Director


The Expeditions Director leads university students to the nations by means of short and long-term trips and assignments.

417-862-2781 ext. 1418

Support Staff

Support Staff work at the National Chi Alpha Ministry Center in Springfield, Missouri and perform day-to-day ministry duties.

Brandon Cranor

Communications & Marketing Manager


417-862-2781 ext. 1428

Sally Herman

Healthy Leaders Coordinator


417-862-2781 ext. 1427

Karissa Jefferson

Media Network Coordinator


417-862-2781 ext. 1417

Melanie Lynch

Missionary Product and Resource Specialist


417-862-2781 ext. 1419

Ginny Severs

Administrative Coordinator


417-862-2781 ext. 1415

Cherie Venturella

Missionary Personnel & Records Coordinator


417-862-2781 ext.1425

Mary Valloni

Advancement Consultant



April Woodham

Operations Administrative Coordinator


417-862-2781 ext. 1429

Paul York

XA Missions Team


Lisa York

Healthy Leaders Committee


NATIONAL Field Specialists

Field Specialists support the implementation of the national Chi Alpha program with specific, national assignments that permit them to live and work within or travel outside Springfield, Missouri.

Paul Austin

Pioneering Director


The Pioneering Director enhances our culture of local group multiplication through resourcing area and district leaders, training, equipping teams, and coaching pioneers.

Delyn Cole

Coaching and Assessment Specialist


The Coaching and Assessment Specialist promotes coaching as a valuable leadership skill, makes coaching training available, and coordinates the activity of coaches with national Chi Alpha; and determines the curriculum and directs a delivery system for the on-going personal and professional development of our missionary affiliates.


Gregg Glutting

Support Raising Specialist


The Support Raising Specialist coordinates support-raising training and coaching to equip our missionary personnel to achieve and maintain fully funded budgets.

Belkis Lehmann

Diversity Specialist


The Diversity Specialist leads a Diversity Task Force to identify arenas where diversity is not yet fundamental and create initiatives for change.

Mike Olejarz

Training Specialist


Gary Paschal

Conference and Event Specialist


The Event and Conference Specialist serves to plan and resource Chi Alpha gatherings.

417-862-2781 ext. 1420

Dick and Joy Schroeder

Leadership Development Specialists, Coaches

ucfdick@aol.com ucfjoy@aol.com

Joel and Leah Wilson

Missionary Kids Specialists

lwilson@sagu.edu joeltwilson@gmail.com

The Missionary Kids Specialists coordinate our Chi Alpha Missionary Kid (XAMK) program.

To see how these positions fit within the National Chi Alpha Program, please refer to the Matrix Organizational Design Table below.

Chi Alpha Matrix Design How to Read the Chi Alpha Matrix


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