God has continually called his people to places of influence. Throughout the story of His people, God has called them to the city to live where culture is created and bring redemption. Richmond, VA has potential for significant ministry at the four major universities in the area, and to establish a hub of training to begin to bring kingdom influence in cities at the center of culture and where campus ministry is sorely needed. Richmond Chi Alpha is looking for men and women to join our team looking to disciple students as a part of our established group at Virginia Commonwealth University and help pioneer outreach to the more than 70,000 students throughout the city. Responsibilities would include small group leadership, student leader mentoring and developing outreach strategies to engage the unchurched on our campus communities. Team members would also help to staff an internship hub site looking to launch in the fall of 2017.

Chi Alpha in Richmond is blessed with strong local church partnership which guarantees significant missionary support and funds for ministry. Reduced priced housing is also a possibility in the right situation. CMIT training is preferred but we’re open to all inquiries.


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