Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, founded in 1766 (a full decade before America became America :), is a unique place of 50,000 from 115 countries with 5 connected campuses (College Ave., Douglas, Cook, Busch and Livingston), students travel to different campuses for classes on the world’s largest university bus system. Rutgers also hosts approximately 8,000 Muslims and 7,000 Jewish students on campus, making is a truly a diverse atmosphere within the northeast. Rutgers also has 2 satellite campuses in New Jersey that are yet to be pioneered Rutgers – Newark NJ (The MOST DIVERSE University in America), and Rutgers – Camden (Formerly US most dangerous city in US).

We are looking for a passionate female staff member with a burden to build relationships and see a student awakening occur, to come join the staff in a team leadership model. The full time staff is also assisted by a 15 member student leadership team, whom several have indicated a commitment to intern at Rutgers XA upon graduation.

Chi Alpha at Rutgers was recently re-pioneered (entering year 3) by New Jersey native, Brian Adams. 732.232.7795


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