Our Senior National Director, E. Scott Martin, is delighted you are interested in considering a Chi Alpha national leadership position. Your application for national Personnel Director and supporting materials are due no later than May 12, 2017. We will no longer receive applications after this date. You will be notified when your application has been received. In addition, you will receive follow-up notifications from the Chi Alpha Screening Committee by way of the Chair about the status of your application in the vetting process. Please be patient and wait for this communication from the Chair, as this is the process set up by our Senior National Director to safeguard the integrity of the vetting process and make efficient use of everyone’s time.

Job Description

The downloadable job description for this position can be found here.

The national Personnel Director of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries shepherds the pastoral care of our current missionaries and directs our process for missionary appointment though the Division of U.S. Missions. You will steer the healthy staff initiative of Chi Alpha by promoting the spiritual, emotional, relational, and financial health of our missionary leaders and families. You will guide our nationally appointed missionaries through the application, appointment, and commissioning process, assist with establishing appropriate budgets, and monitor the ongoing budgetary health of our nationally affiliated and appointed missionaries and missionary associates.


The national Personnel Director is ultimately accountable to the Senior National Director and directly accountable to the Program Director. The national Personnel Director directs and oversees a Personnel Team comprised of individual program directors and specialists. Examples of individual programs include: the Healthy Leaders Initiative, the Missionary Kids Program, Support Raising Training and Coaching, and the Spirit Empowerment Initiative. You will serve on a team chaired by the Program Director along with the Field, Training, and Cross-Cultural Missions Directors, thus weighing in on the comprehensive national Chi Alpha Programme.


The national Personnel Director represents the strategic intent of the Personnel Team to the Executive Ministry Team (EMT). With mutual agreement between you and your supervisors, you may step away from serving on the EMT for a short period of time for the purpose of personal renewal and refreshing.


How may I apply?

  1. An applicant should first read the ministry position description to understand the span and scope of the position.
  2. The application form can be filled out here.
  3. Applications may be submitted anytime between now and May 12, 2017, but only within this timeframe.

What is the selection process?

  1. A screening committee will be composed of executive leaders from the National Chi Alpha Ministry Center and 2 at-large Chi Alpha missionaries.
  2. After the application deadline the screening committee will determine the applicants they wish to review further.
  3. References, provided by the applicants, will only be checked for those who pass the first screening and with the permission of the applicant.
  4. After references are contacted a video-conference and/or in-person interview will occur.
  5. After all interviews are completed the screening committee will make a prioritized recommendation to the Senior National Director of Chi Alpha.
  6. The Senior National Director of Chi Alpha will make the final decision.
  7. Notification of selection will go to the applicant.
  8. Announcement of those selected will be made to our Chi Alpha nation. We anticipate announcements will occur during the summer of 2017.

May I nominate someone for a position, and may I do that anonymously?

Yes, after prayerful consideration anyone may anonymously nominate a person to any position opening. Please submit your nominations to Harvey Herman. You may nominate anyone now and up until April 30, 2017.

Or you may directly contact someone and encourage him/her to apply.

If I have a question about anything relating to this process, whom do I contact?

Whether you decide to apply or not, anyone who has a question related to this selection/applicational process may contact Harvey Herman via email or by phone at (417) 862-2781 x1425.

What is The Matrix Chi Alpha organizational design?

In October 2015 a new national organization design for Chi Alpha Campus Ministries was adopted. We refer to our new organizational flow chart as The Chi Alpha Matrix. You will notice the placement of the Personnel Director position on The Matrix and how this position relates to other national program directors.

You may download a copy of The Matrix as well as a document describing how to understand The Matrix below:

Chi Alpha Matrix Design How to Read the Chi Alpha Matrix

When will the new position start?

This is a missionary-filled position and we are eager to see a new Personnel Director fulfilling the role by October 1, 2017, if feasible. Questions regarding start date may be directed to Harvey Herman.

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